Intelligence Predictive Analysis to Reduce Production Cost

Australian Resources and Investment

Author: Ali Soofastaei
March 2017



This article addresses the problem of estimating the Rolling Resistance (RR) in surface mines. The project is motivated by the enormous costs associated with haulage, typically 50% of mine operation costs, and the knowledge that the differential structure of these expenses is closely linked to the interaction between tyre and road. The hauling productivity in a surface mine is dependant on a haul truck’s speed. In turn, the speed of a haul truck is affected by road quality. A prime indicator of haul road quality is rolling resistance.
RR is defined as the sum of all external forces acting on the road surface and opposite to the direction of the moving haul truck. RR is caused by the friction force between the tyre and the road surface. RR as a part of total resistance plays a critical role in the productivity, fuel consumption, gas emissions, maintenance and safety of haul truck operations in surface mines.

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