Chapter(7): Advanced Analytics and Infrastructure and Services


Advanced analytics—the ability to generate valuable insights from large amounts of data—has emerged as a powerful tool to understand and learn from the past performance as a guide to more accurately predict trends. Analytics creates value when big data and advanced algorithms are applied to business problems to yield measurable improvements. By identifying, sizing, and prioritizing the biggest opportunities, businesses can create an analytics strategy that generates value. Mine asset owners and industry professionals hold a tremendous amount of data on the condition, maintenance, and operation of infrastructure and services, and this data can be used to improve their capital-planning decisions greatly. Although infrastructure and services players in mining increasingly use advanced analytics, this industry still tends to lag behind others, such as retail, financial services, and automotive, in embracing advanced analytics comprehensively across the mining projects life cycle. As a result, many mine asset owners experience weaker capital productivity than what we see in other sectors, as they are making major decisions based on primarily qualitative rather than quantitative factors. Incorporating advanced analytics into the capital- mine planning phase can radically improve the ability of mine owners to make decisions based on the expected performance of their existing infrastructure and services. It can also help mine owners and operators generate deeper insights and value on maintenance versus replacement decisions and asset-longevity trends. This chapter provides the technical information that we need to use advanced analytics in mining infrastructure and services.


  • Introduction to Infrastructure and Services
  • Electric Power Distribution and Utilization
  • Compressed Air
  • Mine Communications, Monitoring, and Control
  • Mine Surveying
  • Dewatering Surface Operations
  • Dewatering Underground Operations
  • Physical Asset Management
  • Mine Infrastructure Maintenance
  • Summary
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