Chapter(2): Advanced Analytics and Deposit Assessment


The application of advanced data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in the mining industry is growing fast. One of the essential subjects in the mining value chain is the deposit assessment. This chapter aims to present an introduction of deposit assessment in mining, a summary of geological data collection, geologic interpretation, modeling, and representation. Moreover, this chapter discusses the sample preparation and assaying process and ore-body sampling and metallurgical testing. Furthermore, other subjects, including mineral resource estimation, valuation of mineral properties, mineral property feasibility studies, and cost estimation for underground and surface mines, are discussed in this chapter.


  • Introduction to Deposit Assessment
  • Geological Data Collection
  • Geologic Interpretation, Modelling, and Representation
  • Sample Preparation and Assaying
  • Ore-Body Sampling and Metallurgical Testing
  • Mineral Resource Estimation
  • Valuation of Mineral Properties
  • Mineral Property Feasibility Studies
  • Cost Estimating for Underground Mines
  • Cost Estimating for Surface Mines
  • Summary
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