The Effect of Average Truck Speed on Fuel Consumption in Surface Mines

Engineering and Mining Journal

Authors: Ali Soofastaei, Aminossadati, S.M. , Kizil, M.S , Knights, P.
Volume: 4
January 2015


The data collected from haul truck payload management systems at various surface mines show that the payload variance is significant and must be considered in analysing the mine productivity, diesel energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and associated costs. The aim of this study is to determine the energy and cost saving opportunities for truck haulage operations associated with the payload variance in surface mines. The results indicate that there is a non-linear relationship between the payload variance and the fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and associated costs. A correlation model, which is independent of haul road conditions, has been developed between the payload variance and the cost saving using the data from an Australian surface coal mine. The results of analysis for this particular mine show that a significant saving of fuel and greenhouse gas emissions costs is possible if the standard deviation of payload is reduced from the maximum to minimum value.

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