Living in a Digital World

Australian Resources and Investment

Authors: Edson Antonio, Rebecca Barros, Euler Faria, Ali Soofastaei
March 2020
Pages: 34-37




Modern technology is rapidly growing, and companies need to adapt to the new changes. Digital transformation plays a critical role in helping entities prepare for this industrial revolution. Improving digital technology, such as automation, sensors, advanced analytics, intelligent systems, and so on, has forced companies to think more about productivity and efficiency by using new technologies.
The mining industry is facing a significant challenge to make the most of a digital transformation when the maturity of people, technology, data, and management systems isn’t enough to open the doors of the digital world for this old industry. To tackle this challenge, not only should mining companies work hard to pass this bottleneck, but universities need to change their curriculum to include better learning and research programs for future mine engineers.

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