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  • Chapter(5): Manufacturing Industry

  • Atefeh Bagheri

    August 6, 2022 at 6:59 pm

    Advanced analytics can enable manufacturing engineers to improve product quality and achieve equipment and resource efficiency gains using large amounts of data collected during manufacturing. Manufacturing engineers, however, often lack the expertise to apply advanced analytics, relying instead on frequent consultations with data scientists. Furthermore, collaborations between manufacturing engineers and data scientists have resulted in highly specialized applications that are not relevant to broader use cases. The manufacturing industry can benefit from the techniques applied in these collaborations if they can be generalized for a wide range of manufacturing problems without requiring a strong knowledge of analytical models.

    Advanced analytics has the potential to redefine manufacturing. However, practical implementation is in its infancy. One reason is a lack of management tools that enable decision-makers to choose suitable techniques from advanced analytics for domain-specific manufacturing problems.

    This chapter addresses manufacturing service transformation trends in a Big Data environment, thereby achieving transparency and productivity.

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