Exploring challenges in implementing AI and data-driven methods in maintenance analytics

Maintenance Analytics Conference

Ali Soofastaei
Date: 9th – 10th March 2021
Brisbane, Australia



About Conference

The overall predictive market is stepping up and gradually making its mark. According to Statistics MRC’s prediction, predictive market will be up to $14.95 billion by 2023 from $3.89 billion in 2016. The upsurge global of the predictive market is benefitting maintenance analytics across all industries. Manufacturing industry will take advantage of the most from the global market increment since the dynamic growth emerged and grasp the insights manufacturing related information which will be more conducive. Viewing information on inventories, material supplies, and market demand for projects will be much easier to maintain using maintenance analytics.

The outpouring global market on maintenance analytics shows the maturity of Industry 4.0. It translates from a conventional low-cost production market towards the increment of global productivity on hardware maintenance, proving the refinement of Industry 4.0. Even though the average order value is sinking, and the demand for customization is speeding up, hence creating larger surpluses and market push. To iron out these challenges and continue driving towards the growth of a technology-driven global recession, Malaysia is refining the national policy by mid-2018.

Centralising the revolutionising modernisation of automation, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Cyber-Physical Production Systems (CPPS), Cloud, and Robotics, the manufacturing industry stimulates the potential towards greater sustainable business. Maintenance Analytics by Trueventus works to endorse those capacities in remodelling the industry with the latest intelligence and visions. Grab the chance of becoming part of the revolution for asset maintenance.

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