Hitachi & Wenco preview new fleet management solutions

Hitachi & Wenco preview new fleet management solutions

Hitachi and Wenco have announced plans to showcase their latest collaborations in September at Hitachi NEXT — the company’s annual event exploring the digital revolution and its effect on industry. At this year’s event, Wenco will present its new Fleet Awareness V2X system, Readyline, and the soon-to-be-released sixth edition of its Wencomine fleet management system.

Hitachi Construction Machinery (HCM) and Wenco joined forces in 2009. “While we already had good technology and a solid team of engineers, we couldn’t kickstart all our plans for the mining industry on our own,” Wenco said in a recent blog post. “To work at the highest level, we needed support from an organisation that’s been at the forefront of innovation for a century. Hitachi was the perfect fit.”

Through its relationship with Hitachi, Wenco has created the Readyline preventive maintenance and equipment health analysis system. The company said this collaborative project provides “real-world value through rich data analysis that decreases unplanned downtime”.

Similarly, its collision avoidance system, Fleet Awareness V2X, was built on peer-to-peer technology originally developed by Hitachi for use in road vehicles.

“We received expert guidance as we set out to convert this commercial system into one industrialised to the specific variables and hazards of a mining environment,” Wenco said.

Wenco was also instrumental in the development of Hitachi’s autonomous haulage system for mining and the companies see their partnership as key to their success in the mining OEM space.

“The HCM sales channel helps to enlarge Wenco’s exposure to the market,” commented Satoshi Oshima, global account manager at HCM. “Meanwhile, Wenco reinforces HCM’s quality of services. Customers not only need HCM’s equipment, but they need systems to manage them as well.”



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