Hexagon Mining updates scheduler

PRESS RELEASE: MineSight Schedule Optimizer (MSSO) is used by mines to determine the most productive cut mining sequence to achieve the highest project profitability.

Thew new MSSO Version 11 features a Multi-Entry tool, which responds to customers’ haulage needs for open-pit truck and shovel operations.

The workaround usually employed to tackle the challenge of sequencing and modelling waste dumps with multiple access roads is to split the dump destination into multiple dumps. If a waste dump has two entrances, then MSSO users typically split it into two dumps – one for each road. This creates more destinations than needed in the schedule.

Version 11 changes this by allowing mine engineers to plan for haulage access to dumps via multiple entrances or ramps based on the mining location and available dumping points. Hexagon stated that if you are trying to determine the best routing destination for your material, while accounting for sequencing destinations with multiple entries, then MSSO Version 11 is the answer.

“The value to our customers is that low confidence in sequencing has a direct impact on time and cost, and MSSO 11 improves the haulage component significantly,” noted product manager Carl Brackpool.

“This improvement not only addresses concerns with highly manual calculations, but it also represents the first in a series of features around a world-class haulage function that will include monitoring for road congestion in real time, the next phase of MSSO and Multi-Entry for 2018.”

Source: www.miningmagazine.com


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