Chapter(9): Advanced Analytics and Underground Development and Extraction


The potential of using advanced analytics in underground mines is now coming within the industry’s reach through digital and technology innovations that could transform key aspects of the mining industry. This chapter describes several digital technologies that have long been in the works and are now available and affordable enough to become operational at scale across the mining industry. The applications of advanced data analytics in underground mining include building a more comprehensive understanding of the resource base, optimizing material and equipment flow, improving anticipation of failures, increasing mechanization through automation, and monitoring performance in real-time. This chapter also presents the role of advanced analytics in underground equipment selection and sizing, underground horizontal and inclined development methods, construction, and underground ore movement.


  • Introduction to Underground Mining
  • Hard-Rock Equipment Selection and Sizing
  • Soft-Rock Equipment Selection and Sizing
  • Underground Horizontal and Inclined Development Methods
  • Construction of Underground Openings and Related Infrastructure
  • Underground Ore Movement
  • Summary
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