Chapter(3): Advanced Analytics and Mine Management


The unprecedented demand for natural resources is driving mining companies to strive for step-change in the efficiency and optimization of their business processes. Advanced analytics techniques are being applied in other industries to enable significant improvements in both strategic and operational business processes by optimizing decision making. Today, decisions are usually locally optimized but do not achieve optimum capability for the value chain. Although mining operations now collect more information than ever before, it is difficult to bring all this information to bear to make better decisions. This chapter looks at how these advanced analytics techniques can be applied to the fundamental challenges faced by the mine management. This chapter will cover some critical subjects in mine management, such as mine economics, management, and low, employee relations, and training, and finally, a global perspective on mining legislation.


  • Introduction to Mine Management
  • Mine Economics, Management, and Law
  • Economic Principles for Decision Making
  • Management, Employee Relations, and Training
  • A Global Perspective on Mining Legislation
  • Summary
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