Data is one of the most strategic assets for Telecom Operators today. With the rampant adoption of smartphones and growth in mobile internet, Telecom Operators today have access to unprecedented amounts of data sources, including – customer
profiles, device data, network data, customer usage patterns, location data, apps downloaded, clickstream data, etc.
Given the abundance of data at their fingertips, Telecom Operators are virtually sitting on a goldmine of information and are in a great position to capitalize on these valuable data sets. To gain insights into the avalanche of data they have at their disposal, Telecom Operators are increasingly starting to adopt Hadoop & Big Data analytics solutions to turn their data into valuable business insights and practical information.
Operators believe Big Data will play a critical role in meeting business objectives, promoting growth, and driving efficiencies and profitability across the entire telecom value chain.
This chapter focuses on facilitating advanced analytics architectures, platforms, and infrastructures to the telecommunications (telecom) industrial sector.

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