Advanced Analytics for Drilling and Blasting


Rock breaking processes, including drilling and blasting, are the most economical techniques to achieve rock fragmentation in mines and quarries. The main objective of these processes is to realize the fragmentation in the desired size, keeping up with the constraints of ground vibration, air overpressure, fly-rocks, and stability. Analytics can be of help in several considerations by providing a better understanding of the process. An advanced analytics solution can help in faster decision-making and manage the data generated throughout the rock breaking process in mining. Additionally, data generated during the drilling and blasting operations can be stored in a central database, which can be used in the future. The power of advanced analytics can be used to evaluate the data, identify key performance variables, implement changes, and appraise the outcome. This presents an incredible opportunity to leverage the data generated during the rock breaking process such that improvements in terms of cost and fragmentation can be achieved. This chapter discusses the role of advanced analytics in mechanical rock breaking, drilling, and blasting.


  • Introduction to Rock Breaking
  • Mechanical Rock Breaking
  • Blast hole Drilling
  • Explosives and Blasting
  • Summary
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